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The Successful Athlete

For the athlete in the family

Lisa loves working with the athletes. She roller skated competitively as a teen and competed both provincially and nationally. Her husband Shawn played, roller hockey and represented Canada in several World Tournaments and her son is an up and coming, well respected lacrosse player. Taking your star athlete (grades 7-12) to their next level is Lisa's favorite thing to do. Skill will only take an athlete so far; the advantage comes with a positive and strong mindset.

Your star athlete will learn how:

To focus better
To decide what they really want
To stop negative thinking and replace it with a positive outlook
To get rid of the negative beliefs that are holding them back
Use visualizations and affirmations to combat game day jitters
To set breakthrough goals and process goals
How to use mindfulness to be more present for practices and games
To take more responsibility for their thoughts, behavior and actions (this helps them show up with all their equipment too) lol
To recognize their unique talent
To use feedback to their advantage

A winner is a dreamer who never gives up.
Nelson Mandela

Private sessions: $35 per session