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Private Sessions

If you are not into being a part of a larger workshop or you want a beneficial way to meet your own unique success journey. Lisa can provide you or your loved one with private or friend/sibling sessions from her downtown location or in the Aurora office on Tuesdays

For teens (grade 7-12)

Parents book sessions for their child/teen because they want the best for them. To give them the advantage in school and in life. Private or friend/siblings sessions are also available (note: this is not therapy. There are no labels here. Every child should have access to the strategies of success).

This program is for your loved one if:

They are bored
You want them to be setting more goals in life
You know they are not living up to their potential
Their lack of confidence is getting in the way of their success
Their anxiety is getting the best of them
You wish they would focus better
You wish they would take more responsibility
They have a goal but need the strategies to achieve it
They don't have a clue what they want in life.

Note: to ease a teen into taking the sessions, let them try one session. Then if they are satisfied you can book the rest of the sessions.

You are capable of amazing things

How the sessions work

Sessions are 1 hour, once a week for four weeks. You go at your own pace. Then you go out into the world and apply what you have learned. Once you feel ready to learn more you book another group of sessions and we take you to another level of your success.

What you can expect: each week you will learn a new way to be more mindful, relaxed and calm and then we will focus on a strategy for success. We go at your own pace, like Jack Canfield says "work is required, suffering is optional"

A few of the strategies of success that is offered:
Taking 100% responsibility for your life
Getting clear on what you want in life
Cleaning up your messes and incompletes
Keeping your agreements
Being more focused and mindful
Unleashing the power of goal setting
Just lean into it
Releasing the brakes
Visualization exercises
Taking action


To register or for more information
Call 905 717 1759
Or go to the contact page on this website and leave your email address and a brief message You will be contacted by Lisa or one of her representatives.