Based on The Success Principles
by Jack Canfield

Combining the strategies of success
with the benefits of mindfulness

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New for 2017
Teen Mastermind Groups
Grades 7-12
199 Richmond St. West. Toronto
Call to pre-register 905 717 1759
First meeting begins January 2017

New for 2017
Adult Mastermind Group
Begins Sunday January 15th 2017

What We Do

By incorporating some of the strategies of the very best personal development coaches around the world, the likes of John Assaraf, Jack Canfield and Robin Sharma, Valuable Lessons owner Lisa Palmer empowers people with motivational and transformational workshops, one on one coaching and mastermind groups that combine her mainstream concept of mindfulness with the strategies of being successful.

Imagine the goals you can achieve by attending Lisaís sessions. Each session begins with her version of mindfulness which helps you learn to clear your head of the busyness of the day, the never ending chatter in the mind that is disrupting your sleep and the negative anxiety and thoughts that drag you down. Once your mind is clear you are better able to focus, be creative, solve problems and are ready to add all the wonderful gems of information that she will share with you.

You can and should be living the life you want. Itís already in you just waiting to burst out.

Lisa Palmer
President & Owner

Lisa is the founder and President of Valuable Lessons. She is an entrepreneur and passionate about sharing and developing the potential of each individual she meets. She sees success in everyone. Lisaís success has come through an unrelenting desire to improve her own potential in some way, every day and is a proud graduate of the Jack Canfield, Train the Trainer program. Lisa travelled to Newport Beach, California and Scottsdale, Arizona to train personally with Jack Canfield himself.

Jack Canfield is the author of The Success Principles for which Lisaís sessions are based and he is well known for being the Co-founder of the Chicken Soup for the Soul, series of books.