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Transformational Workshops

The Successful Student (grades 7-12)

They’re going back!

As a parent, that sentence brings on a sense of calmness.

For our children/teens though, it has the opposite effect.

They can start feeling nervous and overwhelmed, especially if they are entering a new middle school, high school or last years’ experience wasn’t so great.

Starting the year off with a lack of interest can lead to

  • Poor or falling grades
  • Lack of self-confidence
  • Experiences of being bullied or being the bully
  • Lack of focus, interest and motivation
  • Procrastination

This workshop, The Successful Student focuses on three of the key principles for having a stellar year. Participants will be introduced to powerful and practical skills, that when implemented and consistently practiced will allow them to succeed, this school year and for years to come.

Take 100% Responsibility

Focus for Achievement

Great Habits Help

Take 100% Responsibility: In this section of the workshop we set the foundation of success, by getting the students out of the blaming, complaining and making excuses mode and into taking responsibility for their own life and experiences.

Focus for Achievement: Having a clear and focused mind is hard these days. There is so much stimulation from the busy-ness of the day to the time-wasting internet and social platforms. This makes it hard to study for tests and get homework done. This section introduces students to the practice of mindfulness and the importance of down time. Mindfulness helps to clear the busy and over thinking mind, allowing participants to be more present in the moment thus helping them to make better choices and decisions.

Great Habits Help: whether they know it or not the most successful students in school have great habits. This section discusses the most important habits to set right now.

Registration Information

The next workshop is: Saturday September 23, 2017
For Grades 7-12
1:30 – 4pm
199 Richmond St. West. Toronto
Pricing: $55+hst/person
Bring a couple of friends and pay $45+hst/person
Bring 5 or more friends and pay $35+hst/person

Register by going to our Contact Page and filling in the form to get in touch with us.

In the comment section,be sure to include:

The name of the workshop you are interested in: The Successful Student

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Once received on our end, a Valuable Lessons, Success Coach will contact you for any further questions and payment.