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Motivational Coffee Chats

This format evolved out of Lisa's love for having coffee with her friends. As they chatted about the ups and downs of daily life, balancing work, family, social time and time for themselves Lisa's words of encouragement always seemed to strike a chord with them. A text would usually follow later in the day saying things like 'thanks, I always feel better after talking to you' or 'I never thought of it that way'

Lisa's talent is to get people to see things, the struggles or the even the crappy things that happen with a different more positive perspective.

What is a Motivational Coffee Chat?

As women, as working girls, as moms, as taxi drivers, as bill payers, as home owners and cleaner uppers, all the stuff we do in a day, we don't always have time to work on ourselves.

A motivational coffee chat is a casual, easy way to give yourself a little boost of inspiration. A pep talk to keep you going when things are feeling overwhelming, frustrating or just busy.

Do you ever feel annoyed, not just with your kids but everyone is starting to annoy you?
Do you every feel like your thoughts are running rampant and you can't seem to stop them at night, so you don't sleep well and the next day feels worse.
Do you ever feel like you're just spinning your wheels not really getting anything accomplished, yet you are so busy all day?

Lisa has been there to and she has found a way of life that is so much more enjoyable and she would love to share it with you. As a certified trainer in the Success Principles she has discovered that life is a whole lot easier then we make it.

Just when the caterpillar thought the world was ending, it turned into a beautiful butterfly

You don't need therapy, you just need a few strategies and to see your life with a new, more positive perspective.

Are you going to have it all mastered in one chat? Of course, not but the beauty of this format is that you can book when you need or want it. It's easy, it's casual and guaranteed to leave you with at least one 'aha' moment.

Individual or a Group Chat
You can book a motivational coffee chat with Lisa individually or with a group of friends or co-workers.
An individual chat will last an hour. If you are booking a group chat, then we stretch it out to 2 hours. (allows more time for chatting)


Coffee and shopping in Toronto, make a day of it!
This motivational coffee chat is hosted at her downtown location, right on the edge of the entertainment district and just down the road from The Eaton Centre, which now includes Saks Fifth Avenue and Nordstrom's. You can make a day of it by coming down for a motivational coffee chat in the morning and then off to an afternoon of shopping.

Hosting up to 7 participants at a time around a lovely table, you and six of your besties (you have to leave a spot at the table for Lisa) can enjoy two hours of chatting and laughing, encouraging and inspiring time.

At your location

This is something different to consider. How about you host it at your house and Lisa will join you for two hours of inspiration, motivation and support. If you have a minimum of 5 participants plus yourself, Lisa won't charge the hostess. All you have to do is put out some coffee and a little snack, get comfortable and chat.

Approximately 2 hours
Private Session $110
Bring a friend or more $75 per person
To Register or get more information
Call 905 717-1759

Or go to the contact page of this website and leave your email address and a brief message and you will be contacted by Lisa or one of her representatives.